Customer Engagement

Customer Service Feedback

In service oriented industries, customer service feedback is crucial to establish and expand the service brand. We have developed a Service Feedback solution as a Tablet application. This application presents customized questionnaire to capture customer feedback. Feedback data is persisted on the device or it can be uploaded to cloud hosted server. This solution provides on-device data analytics and reporting within the application. Thus, the solution fulfils the entire process of feedback, analysis and reporting.

Customer Tracker

Application targeted for Insurance Advisers. This Android application helps to maintain list of prospects as well as existing users. Keeps track of policies, expiry dates and generate renewal mails/messages from the device itself. It significantly reduces efforts required by the advisers to service their customers. Similar concept can be used to develop custom apps targeting other industry verticals where direct sales force consists of agents network.


m-Learning on Smartphones/Tablets

Tablets have radically changed the landscape of how educational contents are delivered to the students. Tablets provide easy-to-use, always available, interactive interface to students.

We have developed m-learning applications that provide both online and offline content delivery mechanisms. In case of offline, contents will be secured and delivered through portal or external media.

With such applications, content providers can offer variety of features:
  • Navigate through courses/topics and read topic wise contents
  • Easily search through vast contents packaged in the application
  • Contents can be rich html, flash animations, audio/video
  • Package question banks and dynamically generate question sets for students
  • Track test results and provide analysis reports to students/teachers
  • With online access, facilitate Q&A interactions with subject experts

Field Workflow Automation

Many organizations have significant processes executed by on-field staff. Currently these processes are mostly paper based. Field staff collects information at various locations and updates in the systems when back in office.

There is huge opportunity to optimize such processes through mobility solutions taking advantage of features offered by smartphones/tablets.

These are custom solutions developed for the needs of organizations across various domains. We have successfully deployed such solutions for these industries:
  • Financial institutions to capture loan verification information
  • Market surveys
  • Service engineers for on-site servicing
  • Order management